[Tagging] Post office attributes

Pieren pieren3 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 09:25:12 BST 2012


In France, we are able now to complete some additional information
about the French post offices in the whole territory (thanks open data
movement) but we are looking for some ideas here about tagging helpful

For instance, we have 3 types of post offices : the "bureau" which is
the old style fully managed by the public operator, the "agency" which
is managed by the same operator but employees are externals (this
implies some restrictions like limited cash transactions) and the
"post office agent" (or "relay point") within a shop or restaurant or
amenity (library, townhall).
For this, we think about a sub-tag in "amenity=post_office" like
"post_office=shop" or "post_office=amenity" or
"post_office=convenience", etc for the post office agent. No idea how
to distinguish the "agency" and the old "bureau" since the difference
is only the employees (but still important since it implies some
limitations). "post_office:type" ?

We also would like to add some additional services/attributes:
- a "stamping machine", a self-service machine where you weigh and
stamp yourself your mails and small boxes. "stamping_machine=yes" ?
- a "change machine" changing bank notes to coins. "change_machine=yes" ?
- a "copying machine", a single copier ("shop=copyshop" is not really
appropriate). "copy_facility=yes" ?
- a kind of atm but only used to reload cash in an electronic cash
card (the system is called "moneo" and we propose "moneo:loading=yes")
- "monnaie de Paris" is where special coins editions and medals issued
by this administration are available (for collectors)

Do you have similar attributs in your country or any ideas here ?


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