[Tagging] Weigh stations

Georg Feddern osm at bavarianmallet.de
Fri Apr 20 09:19:54 BST 2012

Am 20.04.2012 09:02, schrieb Nathan Edgars II:
> Is there a tag in use for weigh stations, places where trucks are 
> weighed to ensure that they are not too heavy?

There is only a tag at
for such "enforcement" devices.

On the german page
there is an example
Beispiel 6: Gewichtsmessung

Since I do not know of any of such a "flowing traffic enforcement 
device" but only of stationary devices, this may be used.
But I would expect "normal" weigh devices at amenity= or man_made= or 
such alike (*), because they are "normally" used to measure the load of 
goods - the "maxweight" is just a side effect they are used for.

(*) Maybe even at highway= like crossing, signal a. o., if you consider 
them as part of the automobile sector - but that is again a limitation 

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