[Tagging] How to tag disputed names in the same language?

Eugene Alvin Villar seav80 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 16:29:58 BST 2012

In the proverbial case of of Northern Cyprus, disputed names are
"easy" because both sides use different languages, Greek (el) and
Turkish (tr). What if the dispute names are in the same language?

I was wondering about this because Philippines and China are currently
in a stand-off regarding an atoll in the South China Sea. The atoll is
int_name=Scarborough Shoal but in English, the Philippines calls it
Panatag Shoal and China calls it Huangyang Island. How do we tag these
two names?

One possible way is to introduce ISO country codes (in all caps) and
with a format similar to int_name::

PH_name:en=Panatag Shoal
PH_name:tl=Isla ng Panatag
CN_name:en=Huangyang Island
CN_name:zh=<I have no idea>

But a possible problem is that the country codes might be confused for
the language codes, though using all caps should mitigate the

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