[Tagging] Dispute prevention: meaning of lanes tag

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Thu Apr 26 12:07:06 BST 2012

There are three cases in NL, all referred to as "spitsstrook" 
(literally, rush-hour lane):

1) the hard shoulder is sometimes opened to traffic, creating an extra 
lane on the right
2) the left-most lane is sometimes open (if traffic is heavier), and 
sometimes closed (if the extra capacity is not needed). When it is 
closed, it is not designated as an "emergency" lane, but as emergency 
vehicles can do what they like anyway, they don't hesitate to use it. I 
am not sure if a normal driver is allowed to "park" there in case of a 
breakdown. Even if it is allowed, I would most definitely advise against 
3) there is one case of a reversible centre lane which is either closed, 
open in one direction (morning peak) or open in the other direction 
(evening peak). Of course there are barriers on both sides to insulate 
it from the main carriageways on either side.


On 26/04/2012 12:51, Martin Vonwald wrote:
> It is an additional lane that will be opened for the general traffic
> during rush hours. What I have seen in the Netherlands it is used as
> emergency lanes at other times.
> Martin
> 2012/4/26 Philip Barnes<phil at trigpoint.me.uk>:
>> Please could someone confirm what Spitsstrook is? It looks like use of the
>> hard shoulder on managed sections of motorway, but I cannot read dutch.

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