[Tagging] area=yes on polygones (was Block names)

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Sat Apr 28 10:34:50 BST 2012

Let's consider two well known examples:

building=* => usually by default area=yes, a non-closed way may be 
considered as invalid(?)
highway=* => usually by default area=no, even if a closed way

A common default value would lead to either
~56M area=yes on buildings
~52M area=no on highways

while both could be done by useful, well thought, but different default 
About your example, Marl:

Am 28.04.2012 10:06, schrieb Marl:
> Another point: A platform is a usually footway. They often work as 
> footways as well, so I think that in this case they should be tagged 
> highway=footway anyway. Different defaults for the area tag would 
> create an ambiguity. 
Yes, and in this special example, I would say, area=yes is required for 
correct tagging, as even the highway=footway should be interpreted as an 
area (it's not a footway around the platform).

On the other hand, a fenced field is landuse=* (and in this respect 
implicitly area=yes) and barrier=fence (and here implicitly area=no), 
and that's fine.
If you would use one common default value, tagging would require to 
override that, and therefore use two ways, as area=yes and area=no are 
not possible on the same way - and not possible to match to the correct 
tags they refer to.


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