[Tagging] Chaos and uncertainty in "bridge"

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 12:03:49 BST 2012

Am 17. Januar 2012 17:29 schrieb sylvain letuffe <liste at letuffe.org>:
>> Last but not least I'd like to ask you for comments on 3 new values:
>> N1. a bridge made of few ropes where you walk on a rope:
>> http://bauwiki.tugraz.at/pub/Baulexikon/HaengeSeilBrueckeB/Kaiserschild_1.jpg
>> http://www.gruppenstunden-freizeit-programme.de/ferienlager-freizeiten-erlebnisse/freizeit-bilder/seilbruecke/Piratenlager-05-262.JPG
>> http://www.bergsteigen.at/pic/d6025434-21f9-4d93-9ce9-42aba5cf00db.jpg
>> additionally we could tag the amount of ropes (or even more precisely
>> the amount of "upper" and "lower" ropes)
> Juste an comment to let you know that your "border line ;-)" bridges are
> somehow described in this proposal :
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/via_ferrata

thank you for noting this. The proposal currently suggests:

bridge=yes for "An unspecified bridge type along the via ferrata route"
cable_number=>1 for "For cable bridges the total number of cables, in
addition to bridge=yes"

I'd suggest to specify the bridge value more detailed than "yes".
bridge=cable or cable_bridge doesn't seem reasonable though, as it
seems to be a different bridge type:

zip_line as you point out isn't the correct term either.

Any suggestions what we could use?


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