[Tagging] on the name of a tag for landcover

Martin Vonwald imagic.osm at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 16:23:38 BST 2012

Am 01.08.2012 um 17:09 schrieb John Sturdy <jcg.sturdy at gmail.com>:
> I think it's a good idea to fix this, but it may have gone too far to
> be fixable.

Oh come on! Be a little bit optimistic! ;-)

>> I started an overview on my user page of the current usage of
>> landuse/natural and how it might look if we use landcover. If someone
>> is interested take a look.
> Could you send a link (sorry, I can't remember your username, and
> can't find your page using the search facility although I may have
> used the wrong search)?

Ups - forgot to add the link: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Imagic/landcover


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