[Tagging] RFC: Names localization

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Aug 2 14:39:53 BST 2012


    just a general note on this:

>> I don't see a problem of mandating name:xx even when only one language is used
>> for added clarity, and have a bot fix up existing ones. Does break backwards
>> compatibility though, so too late to fix at this point.

> I don't think a bot would help, but a hint in editors etc. might.

There is a third way to handle such backward-incompatible changes if we 
should ever want to make them: We can change in OSM but provide a 
backward compatibility interface, i.e. modified planet files or even a 
modified API (so if you get the same way through /api/0.6/way/1234 you 
get a different result than if you do /api/0.7/way/1234).

I'm not saying that we should (or should not) do this for name 
localization, just pointing out that we don't necessarily have to stick 
to somethig old just because there are clients who cannot work with the new.


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