[Tagging] Everybody is hiding?

Ole Nielsen / osm on-osm at xs4all.nl
Thu Aug 9 16:55:24 BST 2012

> Hi tagging list,
> the Extended Conditions proposal has been shot down by a majority, and
> therefore there is still no "official" way of tagging quite a lot of
> things. (As a side note, the Extended Conditions proposal is still the de
> facto standard.)
> Therefore, I expected that those people who had voted against the proposal
> came up with a well-designed alternative proposal – yet nothing
> happened. Shall I conclude that all those people who voted against the
> proposal did this just for the sake of voting against?

First of all I actually approved the proposal but later realized that
having variable keys is less than ideal. I am currently working on an
alternative proposal and I was planning to announce it within a few days
(I have only limited internet access the next couple of days).

But here it is.


A short comment on the proposal: The actual conditions go into the tag
value. The transport mode (vehicle catagory) and the direction stay in the
key in accordance with current practice for access restrictions.

Feel free to comment on it, preferably on the talk page.

Ole / polderrunner

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