[Tagging] on the name of a tag for landcover

Kytömaa Lauri lauri.kytomaa at aalto.fi
Mon Aug 13 17:17:44 BST 2012

>according to the wiki, for "smaller areas of mown and managed grass
>for example in the middle of a roundabout, verges beside a road or in

>So this isn't actually a tag for every spot where you can find grass,
>but it is a tag for "auxiliary" areas dedicated to traffic.

It reads "for example" above. My point in this message: Not all of them are auxiliary areas of highways.

I've always taken landuse=grass to mean any area, that 
grows grass, but where said area is not used for anything 
else, except for growing that grass, and which gets mowed
at least sometimes, to keep it from naturally becoming 
something else.

If it would be left unmaintained, it would turn into scrub, 
mud, or meadow, or similar. In a few years anyway.

If it would be used for leisure, it'd be (a part of a) leisure=park.

If it would be used for sport, it'd probably be leisure=pitch.


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