[Tagging] Advice & clarification of the railway tracks=* tag required.

Pieren pieren3 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 13:46:40 BST 2012

I'm forwarding here the reply from Peter Miller, ITO World:

Personally I find the suggestion of total_tracks reasonably appealing
initially, however it would have to be repeated across all the tracks
which seems ugly and still doesn't say with confidence which tracks
are connected.

The relation approach is clearer and makes it absolutely clear which
tracks are being grouped but the relation may not however be the same
one as the route relation which makes it difficult.

An automated approach would involve merging all close tracks and
figuring it out. Not trivial but quite computable in my view. The
result could then be converted into relations and a bot process could
put it all back into osm, however some people don't like bots!.

No obvious answers unfortunately. Personally I thing relations and
some bot assistance in due course would be best.

A final thought is the dual carriageways and their interchanges share
some of these issues.


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