[Tagging] Tagging Digest, Vol 35, Issue 36

St Niklaas st.niklaas at live.nl
Sat Aug 18 14:20:18 BST 2012

OSM, Ill put my reactions on on row (Issue 36).Even bare areas have growth youll only have to watch closely to see it. Thats a nice one for a herbologist or do we have a new tag ?>My take would be that the entire lot on which a house stands should be landuse=residential, as long as there isn't an ancilliary farming
> business.And what to do with a field with a house (old farmhouse) on it, but the owner rents it to his neighbour to let his sheep roam the field ? Youll never able to see whats happening there, or if the sheep are his own property.And lack of resedential streets dosnt mean there no houses or farms, look fi at the Belgium streetplans. Long regional streets accompanied by buildings on both sides, farms and houses one by one and all standing in a area or field.I would nt see the difference without looking at the place or the area itself.
Greetz Hendrik
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