[Tagging] Carriageway divider

Markus Lindholm markus.lindholm at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 12:10:36 BST 2012

On 20 August 2012 12:57, Markus Lindholm <markus.lindholm at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 20 August 2012 09:39, Elena ``of Valhalla'' <elena.valhalla at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 2012-08-19 at 14:09:18 +0200, Markus Lindholm wrote:
>>> In my opinion it's best to treat legal separation (i.e. solid_line)
>>> the same way as physical separation, i.e. create two separate
>>> highways, one in each direction.
>> This doesn't correspond to reality: I believe that an emergency
>> vehicle can cross a solid line, while of course they would
>> have problems with a physically separated road.
> I consider legal restrictions to be part of reality. Also consider
> that a physical separation might be nothing more than a 20cm high curb
> that could be as easy to cross for an emergency vehicle as a painted
> line.

One other aspect: it would not be possible to create correct routes
from an address that's in a middle of a block where the the street has
lanes in both direction but that are legally separated. Now if the
shortest route would be to turn left (in a country with right hand
traffic) but the legal route would require to start the trip by going
right, there's no way to express that without having to separate
highways, one in each direction.


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