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St Niklaas st.niklaas at live.nl
Mon Aug 20 21:41:38 BST 2012

Hi, some remarks from the Netherlands (Europe) we do have roads marked with a double centre line (max speed 80 - 100), separated by 0,90 to 1,50 m and sometimes even with obstacles standing in the middle. These obstacles Your not allowd to cross that line sideways at any time, just cross, over thats allowed. Changeable halve way the road or route, depending on the policy of the road management. Emergency (police, ambulance, firebrigade and vehicles with permission (permissive exception on all or some trafficrules) are allowed to do the things that arent allowed for everyone, regarding public safity. It seems to me that its quiet hard to seperate a lot of roads depending on these basics, but Im not the one, Im just a cartograph.Hendrik
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