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John F. Eldredge john at jfeldredge.com
Tue Aug 21 02:55:41 BST 2012

St Niklaas <st.niklaas at live.nl> wrote:

> The governement (Dutch) has made a rule to minimize the load of signs.
> Look at the lines and youll know whats allowed, speed and other rules.
> But its different everywhere, distances overseas are most of the time
> larger of longer then in Europe.These roads and the premisses aside
> are not joint directly, mostly by a parallel route or road. But its
> not save to have a routeprogramm (which tells you to take a left turn
> when its not allowed), not for the following traffic and the opposite
> direction. I would advice and vote against, its not the first listener
> who followes the program blindly into the harbor, blub, she said take
> a left turn !Hendrik

I see your point.  On the other hand, no mapping system can be made completely idiot-proof; I have heard of drivers colliding with stopped vehicles because they were watching only their GPS, and not the road in front of them.

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