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> > For which purpose would the two highways be "reassembled"?
> Split highways may be reassembled when you're not interested in the
> attributes that do change between them. For example when you want to
> reassemble the portions of the same road with the same class and name
> together but aren't interested in the fact that the speed limit changes
> partway down, the lighting changes, the surface changes, or that a small
> portion of it has a cycle or bus route which crosses it for a few tens of
> metres. If building a routing graph from the data you'd want to keep the
> graph as simple as possible by ignoring the tags not relevant to your
> routing and reassembling the adjacent otherwise identical segments.
> You mean one can do this in postprocessing, not in the OSM-database.
> Otherwise I'd have a lot of work (again) to fix the route relations I'm tending
> to.
> Polyglot

Yes, I do of course mean that this is a postprocessing step and not in the OSM


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