[Tagging] Ford = depreciated?

Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Sat Aug 25 13:37:20 BST 2012

Have just spotted this changeset whilst looking through changes near me?


Why has Ford been depreciated? It is the correct definition, and the
word used on road signs. 

A google search revealed this wiki page

This discussion that did go on seems to me disjointed, and is confused
with stepping stones. Surely if these exist they are a separate node,
they are usually part of a footway, alongside the road which fords the
stream, there is also often a footbridge alongside the ford. 

I cannot think of a better tag. Tagging with water=yes just seems like
we dumbing down.

Everyone should know what a ford is, and obviously the depth or if there
is water will depend on the recent weather.

The decision was made by what appears to have been made by a vote by 5

Why has it not been discussed in this mailing list where it will be seen
by someone who is not searching the wiki for Fords today.


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