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Hi,first of all: Sry about the bad spelling in my email, my spell checking Software is currently ruining my writing skills and I cannot turn it off.  Short about me: I'm a student at TU Munich, Germany and am very interested in indoor mapping as well. I am working with five other students on a renderer, routing engine for .NET including real time Information and will be working on a touch enabled editor  for Windows 8 beginning next month. We are quite successfull with it, already get commercial support but don't have any webpage online at the moment. About indoor in General at OSM: It's a very active but somehow fragmented discussion. There are multiple tagging schemes but three Major ones that have to be combined into a single big one. Namely indoorOSM, indoor (by Andreas Hubel) as well as the OSM world 4D schemes. The last Focus more on 3D buildings but pointed out that you cannot split the outside from the inside of a building. It is very important for renderers and Editor developers to be confronted with a somehow "stable" tagging scheme. I talked to the guy behind the josm kenzi 3d rendering plugin and he basically has the same view on it. About your work: Great. I really like it. However it would be better if you can get your changes of the indoorOsm scheme directly into that scheme and move those Contents around in the wiki. About the Editor itself: Would be nice to Skype about it as I'll start developing one as mentioned and it would be great to join our efforts into a Multi platform suited editor.
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> Subject: [Tagging] indoor maps
> I am interested in doing some work for indoor maps in OpenStreetMap. I
> would like to get some tagging discussion started among the broader
> OSM community. In addition to a good standard, it must be insured that
> the new indoor data does not negatively impact renderers and editors.
> I have started working on an editor geared towards indoor maps, after
> considering the option of a JOSM plugin versus a new editor. It is
> still pretty early in development but the editor is reaching the point
> where I can send it to people to get some input. Currently it connects
> to the dev OSM server.
> The following is a general link for indoor mapping in OSM:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Indoor_Mapping
> This link leads to a page for the indoor editor I have been working
> on: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Termite
> I look forward to any discussion and to resolving an indoor mapping standard.
> Cheers,
> Dave
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