[Tagging] routes for pedestrians (foot, hiking, walking, etc.)

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 17:06:44 BST 2012

Recently a member of the Belgian community announced on the German
mailing list, that "the Belgian Community" had decided to make a mass
edit to change all route=foot to route=hiking.

He said the wiki said that these 2 had the same meaning. Further
discussion on the German ML showed that instead there might be subtle
differences. E.g. for short pedestrian routes inside of cities
"hiking" was perceived as not appropriate.

Looking at the actually used values there are even more variants for
pedestrian routes (in order of occurence):



and maybe also
nordic_walking (16 times)
and some even less used ones

I'd like to discuss about the meaning of those values (currently the
wiki isn't very verbose about the meaning) and then we could transfer
this into the wiki to expand these articles:
"Walking routes are named or numbered or otherwise signed routes,
which may go along roads or trails or combinations of these. See also
Hiking." e.g. it doesn't even say that these routes are for
pedestrians (I guess whoever wrote this thought it was obvious).

My personal view is that hiking has a somehow different connotation
then walking, while "foot" might be used to summarize the 2 under one
generic term.


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