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> That pesky Belgian is subscribed to this list as well. It's funny how in
> The Netherlands and France my announcement was met with: oh good, we've
> been tagging them with hiking all along. (Only one person in each country
> to be fair). Whereas in Germany I seem to have kicked a hornet's nest.
> Anyway, all I'd like to see is that all long distance routes (nwn) and all
> routes of the numbered node network (rwn) and all local routes (lwn) can be
> tagged in a consistent way. Since we had gotten the impression that foot
> and hiking had become synonyms and that hiking seemed to be becoming the
> favourite and also what Potlatch uses in its preset we were considering to
> change our Belgian wiki page about them. (We started out with
> route=foot/network=foot).
> As far as I'm concerned, if we change the wiki page, then we better also
> change the data all in one go.
> I guess we could live with nwn and rwn use route=hiking and lwn use
> route=foot.
> Or we can simply keep with all of them as route=foot. We don't really care
> what it is, but then change the global wiki page on walking routes and ask
> the Potlatch developers to use route=foot.
> route=hiking can then be used for routes going through the mountains and
> the wilderness with a backpack strapped on, which would be a lot more
> appropriate, linguistically speaking.
> What I'd prefer to get rid of is the hodge podge we have now, where some
> routes have route=foot and others have route=hiking, even when they belong
> to the same numbered node network.
> PolyglotHi I ve busy walking on foot and hiking in the Netherlands for some time, Im just satisfied to know that theres a path. At first Im not interested in the users or functions of it. There a lot of routes in the country (Not just here but all over Europe) with just a description (book) and no sign at all, are those routes not countable in OSM ? A path is just a path that youll be able to go on your own feet.foot - yeshighway - footwayname - law 5route - nordic_walkingowner - lawroute - hikingor any other route that uses this track or path. But whats the difference between hiking and foot, the distance or the backpack ? All long distance footpaths are cut into daytrips. So that you dont have to take a large pack for just a day.Dont make it to complex by building all the possible functions into the definition of the path. Or tag it likewise. What to do with a footpath that is used for several outdoor sports, how to tag that, a complete list ? Go ahead like I did, keep it simple.Greetz Hendrik 
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