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> 2012/8/28 Volker Schmidt <voschix at gmail.com>:
> >> > religion: christian
> > ok, but optional
> I think it would be quite useful to add this in general (it's more
> explicit, if it is not set you might have certain expectations about
> the religion according to the area you are in, e.g. in Italy it would
> very probably be christian/roman catholic)
> > Otherwise you could put it in the monument category.
> -1, most of the ones I have seen are too small and "unimportant" to be
> monuments.
> cheers,
> Martin
Ill go for Martins opinion.
Most of the shrines will be roman catholic christian, the protestant christians dont worship outside the church that much and dont have saints in there believes. What about the moslim areas or Budhism, I never been there. The so called shrines could have some token int he past. And whats a chappel like wayside shrine ? 
Building - yes
wayside - monument
On the other hand there are growing numbers of points of rememberance monuments for lost friends or family alongside roads and mountain tracks.
Wayside - monument, would be nutral
name - St Mary or an individual
religion - catholic or unknown (no tag)
But whats the criterium for an object to be a monument, the size ? Like the WWI monuments or a simple cross in the woods for a single killed pilot ?

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