[Tagging] Status of maxspeed:wet

Ronnie Soak chaoschaos0909 at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 4 11:24:32 GMT 2012

> Of course....
> It's not the first time I see such process : propose a new tag, do not
> say it would deprecate anything until vote is accepted (or - if you
> don't like "vote" : consensus is reached, or no more complains), wait
> few months, change the wiki from "do not deprecate" to "recommend to
> deprecate", wait few months, remove "recommend" from the wiki to just
> "deprecated". This remembers me the "bus_stop" and "platform"
> discussions. Or the second user account for imports.
> These are unfair and sneaky methods to change things in OSM.

Are you against changing things in general or do you like to always
cut off old schemes completely without legacy support?
Because the described way is about the best solution I could come up
with that both allows change and gives the crowd enough time to adapt.
The only thing that is missing is that the wiki changes should be
backed up by taginfo data to support the claim.
It even allows hardliners to keep tagging the old way indefinably.
('Deprecated' doesn't mean 'forbidden'.)

So: how would you change things in OSM?


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