[Tagging] New relation type=provides_feature

Markus Lindholm markus.lindholm at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 10:23:49 GMT 2012

On 7 December 2012 11:05, Henning Scholland <osm at aighes.de> wrote:
> Am 06.12.2012 16:39, schrieb Markus Lindholm:
>> Comments?
> Hi Markus,
> I think it's useful to have such a relation. But I would also include
> building-polygon, like:
> building
> entrance
> target
> address

So the semantics of the building role would be that the target/POI is
within the specified building? I guess there could be zero or one
member with that role? But a bit redundant information as the POI
should be placed within the building polygon.


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