[Tagging] Key: turn

martinq osm-martinq at fantasymail.de
Wed Dec 26 17:17:53 GMT 2012

Am 26.12.2012 12:57, schrieb Johan C:
> The key:turn <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:turn> has values
> for slight_left/right and sharp left/right. There are no signs
> associated to these four values. I also couldn't find any corresponding
> signs on this page:

The history behind adding these values (and not just use "left" and 
"right") is explained here (when :lanes was proposed):

Short summary: It was not introduced for satnav purposes. There are 
links to examples which makes it more obvious that "left" and "right" is 
not sufficient to indicate the *lane* markings in all cases (also look 
at the non-standard arrows painted on the road).


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