[Tagging] Multi-value tagging and Lane Groups

Martin Vonwald imagic.osm at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 16:52:05 GMT 2012

> I suggest putting the "lanes" qualifier in front,
> allowing arbitrary tag hierarchies to follow at a fixed location.

This was suggested, but dropped for better readability: see "Default
values; minimise ambiguity" on the Discussion page.

> You introduce a new tag "applies_to" to limit the lane to a certain class of
> vehicle, whereas I suggest reusing the existing "access" tags.

You missed here the point, that this tag is part of a new relation,
which handles lane connectivity.

> There are already (as you note in your proposal) turn restriction relations.
> If they are to be applied to lanes, maybe the way should be split for the
> 50m or so in the approach to the junction, and then we won't need a new
> construct.

That is a very bad idea. Splitting the way would mean, that there is
no possiblity to switch between the lanes (as they are separated),
which in reality often is not correct. This would also break routing.

 There is also a relation type "through_route" which provides a
> strong hint to routers which path across a junction should be considered
> "default".

Could you please provide a link to this relation? I couldn't find
anything in the wiki for it.

Thanks for your comments.

Best regards,

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