[Tagging] tagging of "ele" / elevation data e.g. in the context of towers

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There is consensus that the key
> "height" is describing the height of the structure from the ground to
> the top.

+1   (I think there is no other way of doing it)

There is also consensus to tag elevation data in WGS84 (so
> that numbers in local systems would typically have to be converted
> before you can enter them).

I do not understand what that means. For me height is always in meters, and
meters don't change with the system of reference (unless they move close to
the speed of light )

> There are 2 alternatives:
> a) ele is the elevation of the ground around/below the tower (in the
> case of a mountain summit it would be the elevation of the mountain,
> not the tower).


b) ele is the elevation of the highest point at the tagged spot, i.e.
> the top of the tower
> I would say abolutely not, even though there are examples where, say a
restaurant on top of a tower gives the elevation from see level, but that
most likely be altitude and not elevation.

I would stick to this terminology:
The tip of a tower with *height* x meters on top of a mountain peak at *
elevation* y meters is at an *altitude* of y+x meters.


> Comments welcome. The idea is to clarify this aspect on the wiki page
> for the key "ele".
> cheers,
> Martin
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