[Tagging] Wikifiddling, surface=cobblestone vs. sett & paving_stones

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Mon Feb 20 14:05:43 GMT 2012

Jonathan Bennett wrote:
 > In summary: I believe the three classes to be separate and
 > non-overlapping. So I disagree with the wiki edit made, but do think
 > surface=sett is a sensible, verifiable tag.

A "sett" (a word I've never heard before) is apparently colloquially 
called "cobblestone". To the extent that even the image in the Wikipedia 
article about "sett" is called "Cobblestones_01.jpg".

We cannot just introduce a new surface value "sett": That would change 
the definition of surface=cobblestone to no longer include sett 
surfaces. But almost all surface=cobblestone currently in the database 
have actually a "sett" surface, and according to the wiki documentation 
until now, this was the expected way to tag them - it was using a sett 
surface as an illustration for the meaning of surface=cobblestone.


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