[Tagging] unfinished railway of historic importance

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Sat Feb 25 00:23:30 GMT 2012

this is kind of an edge case, but a genuine one.

how do you tag a never-completed railway which has significant important 
landmark value
in the current landscape?

there is a railway cut and fill in the Manassas National Battlefield in 
northern Virginia
which wasn't completed 150 years ago and never will be, but it's still a 
significant feature
of the landscape, and was of major importance in the Civil War battle of 
Second Manassas
(so important that if the cut & fill hadn't been there, the battle might 
have been fought
elsewhere.) it is most assuredly still physically present in the 
landscape; here is one
of the cuts:


none of the "official" railway tags in the wiki cover it. i could, i 
supposed, use railway=unbuilt
(i've used highway=unbuilt for a couple of defunct proposals in Albany 
NY where other
mappers used highway=proposed for projects from the 60s that never got 
built and
never will be.) unbuilt isn't quite right, though, it was partially 
built and then failed.


or perhaps


representing places where work was done and is detectable, but the rest 
of the work wasn't

any thoughts or suggestions?


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