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Bryce2 Nesbitt bryce2 at obviously.com
Tue Jan 31 05:48:03 GMT 2012

Your proposal should draw much more heavily from existing practice, in
particular for attributes like the surface.
Typical rail trail surfaces are basalt rock leftover from the railroad,
dirt (after the basalt rock sinks), stone dust deliberately placed, and

Despite having worked on several rail to trail conversions myself, I don't
see much point in mapping them as rail trails.  The fact of the former
railroad is interesting to be sure, but had little bearing on the present
use as a trail.  Rail trails are usually more flat than non-rail trails,
but that's about all that's really unique compared to any other dedicated

There are also variants of the rail trail concept, including rail with
trail (active rail and a trail sharing the same corridor).
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