[Tagging] Tagging u-turn restriction with continuous painted line

Janko Mihelić janjko at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 12:29:36 BST 2012

I think "no_left_turn" is the best solution. The line on the middle of the
street is not a u-turn indicator, it is an overtake indicator which can be
tagged with overtaking=no and overtaking=both.

Are you sure that the dotted overtake line allows you to make a u-turn?


2012/7/3 Pieren <pieren3 at gmail.com>

> Hi all,
> Someone on the help site is questioning about a missing u-turn
> restriction on a roundabout junction with splitter islands ([1] in
> French). The problem is when you take one roundabout exit and want to
> come back to the roundabout, a router like OSRM is telling you to
> immediatly turn left after the divider although it is not allowed on
> the ground.
> He is pointing one example on OSRM :
> http://map.project-osrm.org/?hl=fr&loc=47.291040,-2.356550&loc=47.291970,-2.356720&z=18&center=47.291347,-2.357208&df=0
> With the aearial imagery (can be enabled on OSRM), we can see that the
> u-turn is forbiden on about 10..15 meters after the splitter island
> with a painted continuous line on the ground. I don't think a
> no-turn-left-restriction relation is the best solution here since we
> just indicate the restriction at the splitter island node but we don't
> say at which point it will be possible to u-turn. I think the best
> solution is to represent the continuous painted line on the 15 meters
> road segment. The best tag I've found so far is the "divider" proposal
> on the wiki ([2]) but is not very popular ([3]). Any thought ?
> Pieren
> [1]
> http://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/13939/interdiction-de-tourner-sur-entreesortie-de-rond-point
> [2] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Divided_road
> [3] http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/divider
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