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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jul 16 09:07:21 BST 2012


    I think there is a discrepancy between what the Mapnik style authors 
believe a "sports_centre" is and what (at least German) mappers believe.

Here in Germany, most health clubs (German: "Fitnesscenter" - a place 
where you go to work out on a treadmill or indoor rower or stuff like 
that) are tagged as leisure=sports_centre, even if they only occupy a 
standard-size shop/office floor. At the same time, whoever put that tag 
on the Mapnik map seemed to have in mind a relatively large 
installation, maybe a stadium or a multi-sports facility because these 
sports_centre objects are shown from z15 on.

This leads to a relatively strange map display on zoom level 15 where it 
looks like these health clubs are important landmarks in the cityscape, e.g.


("Venice Beach Fitness", "Johnny M" - the only reason we don't see more 
of them is the name collision with street names.)

I'd like to hear from others - is sports_centre the usual tag for such 
establishments and if so, should we maybe downgrade the rendering to z16?


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