[Tagging] tagging awards and ratings

Johan Jönsson johan.j at goteborg.cc
Fri Jul 27 08:53:16 BST 2012

Martijn van Exel <m <at> rtijn.org> writes:

> Linked data is not about linking to every possible source from one
> source, but rather publishing your data as RDF thus allowing linkages
> with other datasets. See here[1].
> I don't think it gets much attention in the OSM community, and I don't
> claim to know a whole lot about it, but the concept is applicable to
> what you would want to do. Given, of course, that these third party
> datasets are also available as RDF. In the brave new world, they will
> be.
> [1] http://linkedgeodata.org/About
This was an awarding discussion.
So far I have catched that there could be need of a common top-level key 
award: to put in front. 

I think I will go forth and make the draft of the proposal on award:

There seem not to be any need of further narrowing the key with hotel: or 
similar, which is good since it could easy become a lot of parts of the key.

There are of course also doubts on why one should map this at all, if it is 
allowed and some interesting notes on something called linked geodata. There 
are some things that are more usable to map than others 
(tripadvisor-awards beeing the opposite :-), but they had some nice text-
values usable to test the tagging-scheme)

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