[Tagging] How to tag a trailer_park ?

John F. Eldredge john at jfeldredge.com
Fri Jul 27 21:32:39 BST 2012

Werner Poppele <poppele at hm.edu> wrote:

> In the US [1] I found some trailer parks tagged landuse=trailer_park.
> Is 
> that ok ? Any other recommendations ? The tag tourism=camp_site seems
> to 
> be not quite correct IMHO.
> taginfo
> landuse=trailer_park	8
> amenity=trailer_park	23
> tourism=camp_site	40196
> WernerP
> [1] http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=33.6209&lon=-117.6951&zoom=17

You are correct that tourism=camp_site is not correct, as it implies a short-term stay.  The "mobile homes" used in a trailer park are theoretically mobile, but in practice tend to be moved only when they are first installed, and when they are eventually towed away to be scrapped, if not scrapped in place.  Plus, they are wide enough to require "wide load" warning signs, and escort vehicles, when they are being towed.  "Trailer parks" tend to have many such mobile homes, close together.  The landuse=trailer_park seems a logical way to tag them.

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