[Tagging] tagging awards and ratings

Johan Jönsson johan.j at goteborg.cc
Mon Jul 30 19:42:38 BST 2012

I made a proposal page at 
with the proposed tagging
It seems general enough to handle most cases.

There is already a tagging-scheme in use for tagging hotels star-rating, 
It would be nnice if the proposed awards:-scheme could somehow be an extension 
of the existing stars-scheme.

One limitation to the stars-scheme is that it´isn´t clear what kind of award-
system or scale that the stars are relating to. In many cases this would be 
pretty straigth forward, if there is an "established" system in acountry for 
instance.And if it isn´t clear one could add some kind of source-info. The 
only real limtiation would be if there of some reason are more than one award 
system that is relevant to a feature and someone feels the need to tag both 
(not a pressing matter so far, I should think).

A possible extension of the existing could be 
that way the prefix stars: works the same way as a prefix award:.
I think it easy to understand and maybe award: could be used for all awards: 
except those common ones that have stars (or similar) as unit?

a question for the proposal is how to tag the value of the tag.
should it be 
award:<award_system>=3 stars

I have noticed that units often are kept out of the values,
for me it would come natural to write
(but it is probably just an attempt to get the two schemes closer to each 

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