[Tagging] Mapping larger Mini-roundabouts

Simone Saviolo simone.saviolo at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 12:10:05 BST 2012

2012/6/6 Georg Feddern <osm at bavarianmallet.de>

>  For highway=pedestrian, at platforms and many other things we allow to
>> add area=yes to a feature to turn a circular way (ring) to a circular area
>> (filled area, polygon).
>> If - and that's in fact more or less the result of the discussions we had
>> in the last days - the difference between mini roundabouts and roundabouts
>> is the traversability of the center part, I would say, mapping a mini
>> roundabout as a way would in theory be sufficient without area=yes, because
>> area=yes would be implied.
>> On the other hand I would propose to add area=yes to avoid confusion both
>> at data consumer side as well as on mapper side (yes, they MEANT it to be a
>> mini roundabout, I guess, because they knew it's an area without obstacle
>> in the middle).
> +1

+1 for me too.

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