[Tagging] Mapping larger Mini-roundabouts

Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Wed Jun 6 15:26:23 BST 2012

My mistake, http://goo.gl/maps/NknP



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On 06/06/2012 15:15 Richard Welty wrote:

On 6/6/12 10:03 AM, Philip Barnes wrote:

There are lots that have 2m diameter, 1m radius, such as this pair in Loggerheads http://goo.gl/NknP.

Have seen some smaller but can't place any from memory.
 http://goo.gl/NknP – this URL has been disabled.

i don't understand how a 2m or smaller diameter entity can qualify as a "mini-roundabout" for
motorized vehicular traffic (at least, the 4 wheel kind.)

or are we talking about 2 different diameters here? the outer diameter of the circle vs the
diameter of the usually untraveled center?


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