[Tagging] Mapping as two ways or one, u-turns

Darafei Praliaskouski me at komzpa.net
Sun Mar 4 10:38:44 GMT 2012

> I think that having separate ways for legally separated opposing lanes
> is the best scheme currently to represent the truth on the ground.

I'll actually support that.

For now, the best approcah I've found is to:
 - map "how car goes" (substitute "car" vith your favourite transport) with 
highway=* lines, never polygons;

 - map "where the road is" with area:highway polygons 

You can have a look at the result at:


note that routing lines actually follow the way the driver should move, and 
that large areas of asphalt are shown in their exact boundaries.

Try dragging the markers to play with it. :3

Komяpa, OSM BY Team

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