[Tagging] Feature Proposal - Voting - lanes General Extension

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Wed Mar 7 00:16:57 GMT 2012

Martin Vonwald wrote:
>> ~ 11.500 cycleway:left/right
>> ~ 10.000 footway=left/right, 22.000 if you count "both" (same proposal)
>> ~  4.500 footway:left/right/both:*
> As far as I understand, those are ways next to the carriageway.

If they are mapped as tags on the highway=* way, rather than as separate 
ways, then they are part of the highway=* as far as OSM is concerned.

I don't think it matters whether they are part of the carriageway. Some 
of them are (cycle lanes that have no physical barrier to or are even 
surrounded by car lanes), others - such as cycleway:*=track - are not.

>> My suggestion for separating the approaches is:
>> * Physical placement of things relative to road centerline: left/right.
>> * Legal restrictions depending on driving direction: forward/backward.
> And this would be a complete show stopper. What you suggest is to tag
> one property with :left/:right and another with :forward/:backward. So
> for example:
>    cycleway:lanes:right=no|no|lane
>    maxspeed:lanes:forward=80|50|

No, that's not what I suggest. All per-lane attributes would be 
:left/right, because they refer to lanes, i.e. physical parts of the 
roads. You would never see a :lanes:forward/backward.

A maxspeed:lanes:* is, according to my mental model, a legal restriction 
that applies to a physical part of the road. It is not driving 
direction-dependent as such.

> The same lanes and different suffixes. Sorry, but something like this
> I can simply never support.

Well, then it's a good thing that I didn't suggest that.

> In case of mixed lanes this would be tagged like this:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/lanes_General_Extension/ProposalPreVoting#Difficult_lane_layout

So I could do something like
  direction:lanes:forward = forward|backward|both_ways|forward
? I think it would make your proposal less problematic if something like 
that was at least possible.

Top put this differently: Can you guarantee me that, in a right-hand 
driving country, all lanes:forward will always be to the right of all 
lanes:backward of the same road?


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