[Tagging] gym as an amenity value

Clifford Snow clifford at snowandsnow.us
Sat Mar 10 05:47:59 GMT 2012

I understand the issue with the tag value of "gym".  I talked to the owner
of a gym I use.  He said that they typically use gym in conversation with
others in the business.  Fitness club/center is also used.  He
differentiated gym/fitness center with health clubs in the range of
services offered.  A health club will offer services such as massage,
tanning, juice bars, etc while a gym has fewer services.   (Health clubs
can charge more.)

I would be happy with the tag "Fitness Center" instead.  However, I'm
concerned that there are hundreds of "gym" values for the amenity tag.   A
quick search showed that some of the gyms are actually school gymnasiums.
 Wikipedia has gymnasium as a disambiguation reference.  Perhaps school
gyms should be encouraged to use the full name to avoid confusion.

Use of the tag "leisure" instead of "amenity" to me is not accurate.
 Leisure activities are golf, softball, tennis, etc.  Fitness isn't a
leisure activity.  A lot of us go to a gym so we can be better at our
leisure activities.  To me fitness centers are more related to health than
leisure.  I'd prefer to use the tag "amenity" instead.


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