[Tagging] A leisure tag for bathe

Johan Jönsson johan.j at goteborg.cc
Sun Mar 11 16:15:35 GMT 2012

In older days and in some parts of the world the public bath is an amenity and 
not a leisure. I am sticking to trying to find one tag for the leisure-bath 
establishments, but it might be possible to find a general tag encompassing 
both leisure and amenity and then have subtags to discern them. One such 
solution would be to not tag the physical place (the bathing-place) but 
instead use a non-physical tag that states "come here when you want to bathe".

For the leisure-baths I was thinking about using some kind of subtags

bath:outdoor= yes

or maybe

bath:outdoor= sea, pool, lake, river, hot_spring
bath:outdoor= beach, cliff, pier, pool, lake, river, hot_spring

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