[Tagging] A leisure tag for bathe

Johan Jönsson johan.j at goteborg.cc
Mon Mar 12 19:41:42 GMT 2012

Colin Smale <colin.smale at ...> writes:
> There seem to be several dimensions to this. "Bathing" can mean 
> different things to different people, with different English 
> words/usage. I can give a few examples.
> Firstly, the activity itself:
> *    to get clean (with soap etc)
> *    to exercise or as a sport (swimming pool with lanes)
> *    as a recreation (river/beach/recreational swimming pool)
> On a different dimension, there is the construction of the facility:
> *    indoor (turkish baths, swimming pool etc)
> *    outdoor+manmade (outdoor swimming pool)
> *    outdoor+natural (river/beach etc)
> Then there is the "type" of water:
> *    natural, seawater
> *    natural, fresh water
> *    natural, geothermal
> *    "manmade" (swimming pool with heavily treated water)
> These three attributes can probably exist in the real world in any 
> combination. I would suggest tagging them separately, to allow full 
> flexibility and minimise ambiguity.
Very good summary!
This is what I mean, there are plenty of different places to bathe at. As a 
generalist, I would prefer to have one super-tag and many sub-tags to 

Leisure = bath
bath:activity = wash/exercise/leisure
bath:construction = indoor/outdoor/natural
bath:water    = sea/fresh/mineral/treated

There are probably more sub-tags and we can come up with better names and 

/Johan Jönsson

(If this doesn´t fit the osm-scheme, then I can make separate proposals for 
all diffferent leisure and amenities, I will need some help with the outdoor 
ones. I do not like natural=beach to be used for all natural bath places) d.s.

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