[Tagging] Route Relations and Special (Bannered) Routes

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Tue Mar 13 13:33:44 GMT 2012

* Nathan Edgars II <neroute2 at gmail.com> [2012-03-11 22:30 -0400]:
> It also makes the most sense to put it in the ref tag. Otherwise
> there's inconsistency between an alternate signed as US 1 Alternate
> and one signed as US 1A (with the suffix in the shield). In each
> case I'll also use the modifier tag (modifier=Alternate/A).

But US 1A and US 1 Alternate are signed quite differently.  From the
perspective of a driver on the road, the US 1 Alternate signing is much
more obviously a variant route of US 1.  (US 1A even has its/their own
page on Wikipedia, while the US 1 Alternates are listed with the other
special routes on the "Bannered routes of US 1" page.  Not that Wikipedia
dictates our actions, but it's indicative of other people's thinking on
the matter.)

Note that I'm not strictly disagreeing with you.  I do personally like the
separate network, ref, modifier tagging approach a little more than the
others, but I also don't consider myself to have that extensive an
understanding of road networks, either in the US or worldwide.  I mostly
want to see what sort of community consensus there is here, so the data
consumer I'm working on will work in a reasonable way.  I'd hoped to have
feedback from several people, but since you're the only person who's
responded so far, you get all the questions.  :|

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