[Tagging] Preventing traffic signs - Invitation to discussion

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 14 15:17:56 GMT 2012

Putting lots of traffic signs on nodes on the way would result in a lot 
of new nodes on the ways, which will need optimising out by 
routers/mkgmap etc. The sign is not really an attribute of the road. 
Putting a tag on the road segment to which the warning applies would 
seem to me a more logical way of indicating these semantics, and a whole 
lot more usable for the routers. An indicative node for the sign itself 
(so then we are mapping "street furniture" i.e. the post itself with the 
signs attached to it, not the characteristics of the road) would be fine 
IMHO although I do wonder if this level of micromapping would be 
productive in the long run.

If there are multiple signs on a single post, we will get (I assume) 
constructions like traffic_sign=sign1;sign2;sign3. As we know 
multiple-valued tags are currently poorly supported by the available 
tooling (correct me if I'm wrong....)

Signs often have "sub-signs" qualifying the main sign, e.g. slippery 
road "when wet". This will need a place in the tagging as well. How 
would we handle multiple signs on a post, each with its own "sub-sign"?

The "extent" of the hazard has already been mentioned (e.g. sharp bends 
"for 5km"). Often a warning sign gives advance notice of the hazard 
(e.g. low bridge "in 2 km") so the sign's location differs from the 
location of the hazard it is indicating.


On 14/03/2012 14:15, Martin Vonwald wrote:
> 2012/3/14 Ronnie Soak<chaoschaos0909 at googlemail.com>:
>> Please also see
>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Hazard_warning
>> What about a combination of both? Tagging the traffic_sign=* at the
>> node on the way roughly where the sign is, then tag the hazard=* along
>> the way or on the node where the actual danger is.
> This is so simple and so correct. I agree with Ronnie: tag the sign as
> node with traffic_sign=* and the danger on the way as hazard=* . In my
> opinion this would be a consistent mapping.
> Martin
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