[Tagging] Proposal on a key page?

Nathan Edgars II neroute2 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 16:17:47 BST 2012

On 3/26/2012 10:53 AM, Andrew Hartley wrote:
>  > I created it there because the purpose was foremost to explain
> existing tagging. Hence it's not proposed, since multiple mappers
> already use it.
> are you sure about this? according to taginfo
> (http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/search?q=centre_turn_lane) there are 4
> users who ever touched a way with this tag. currently there are 796 ways
> with this tag. and according to your history
> (http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/changeset/10936901) you changed
> this tag on 780 ways about two weeks ago.

Well, that's because I recently changed center_turn_lane to 

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