[Tagging] reference_point and landmark for addresses

Johan Jönsson johan.j at goteborg.cc
Tue Mar 27 18:44:53 BST 2012

I will make my point clearer.
It isn´t the houses with adresses that will be tagged, it is the 
Reference_point itself.

A street with 20 houses.
*The street: highway=residential and name=Big_Street
*The twenty houses have each addr:housenumber=1..20  and addr:street=Big_Street

An area with 20 houses using Big_Tree as reference point.
*The reference_point: reference_point=yes  and  name=Big_Tree
*The twenty houses are not covered by the proposal 

I wanted to show that a reference_point is to be compared with the name of a 
strett. addr: then relates to that street, it soen´t tag the street itself.

If one would reuse the addr: scheme for the houses:

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