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How would I map a situation like this (see below)?

See my current try at this here:

Feel free to improve.


Private vehicles are allowed on all holidays and even calendar days
during the summer period from Memorial Day in May to the last even day
in September. The canyon is closed to private motorized traffic during
the winter and on odd numbered calendar days. “The entrance fee for
cars just going for a drive or to a trailhead is $3.00, exact change
only, please.”
Summer Season: Memorial Day weekend through September
City Creek Canyon above Bonneville Boulevard is open to bicycles on
ODD numbered calendar days on the paved road. The road is closed to
bicycles on EVEN numbered calendar days.

Winter Season: October 1st until Memorial Day weekend
City Creek Canyon above Bonneville Boulevard is open to bicycles every
day of the week, except during the rifle deer hunt for the area. Dates
vary from year to year for this hunt but it is typically the third
week in October. During the winter season, the canyon is closed to
private vehicles.

Year Round:
-Maintenance vehicles may be on the road at any time.
(Source: http://www.slcclassic.com/utilities/ud_citycreek_reservations.htm#anchor4)

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