[Tagging] Turning circle with island or turning loop (was Re: (Mini)Roundabout: examples

Anthony osm at inbox.org
Tue May 15 13:46:48 BST 2012

On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 8:11 AM, Martin Vonwald <imagic.osm at gmail.com> wrote:
> Now the only issue remaining is: how? Right now I see two solutions:
> 1) highway=turning_circle and turning_circle=island or traffic_calming=island
> 2) new tag like e.g. highway=turning_loop
> The problem with 1 is that the turning_circle tag gets "polluted"
> somehow, as now a turning circle is a place without island, unless
> there is an island... this doesn't sound right. And I also bet, that
> many people will use highway=turning_circle WITHOUT
> turning_circle=island, because it is too much work to add two
> tags......
> Solution 2 needs a new tag. It can't be easier, but we have one more
> tag, that can - and will be - confused with the others.

I'd prefer highway=turning_loop.  I think it'll be more noticeable.
But either solution is fine.  Purists can easily go through and
convert them, if they care.

Sorting turning loops from turning circles can be time-consuming.  So
it's nice to have a way for people to do that, without having to draw
the actual loops.

Either way, I'd mention on the wiki that it is preferred to actually
draw the loop.

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