[Tagging] [OSM-talk] Cycle lanes & cycle tracks - my findings and a proposal

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Wed May 23 11:01:09 BST 2012

Am 23.05.2012 10:32, schrieb Martin Koppenhoefer:
> 2012/5/23 Martin Vonwald<imagic.osm at gmail.com>:
> * two ways for the sidewalk (if you like, mapped at the outside of the 
> sidewalk so it can be used to generate easily the area of the street) 
-1 for the parantheses:

mapping the sidewalk "way" at one side of the sidewalk changes the 
meaning of the location of the way, and data consumers have to distinct 
between "this way is a "normal" way, abstracted to a center line" and 
"this way is a sidewalk, which can be seen probably because it's part of 
a street relation. Then let's calculate, where the main street way is 
according to this way to decide, which side the footway has to be 
rendered toward." - sorry, that sounds like crap.


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