[Tagging] Cycle lanes & cycle tracks - my findings and a proposal

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Sat May 26 17:56:09 BST 2012

>In Denmark, they use lanes/tracks that are immediately alongside the road
>and separated by a shallow kerb, and turn into lanes on the approach to
>junctions. You can certainly move on and off them very easily.

OK. I assume they are not allowed to be used by cars? In these cases the
track can be tagged as part of the highway (as in the example in my
previous email), however as many people have pointed out it is difficult
to add all the detail unless you draw it as a separate way.

I was about to write that someone suggested to use some form of "degree
of separation" but thought it was rude not to credit them. Turns out the
suggestion was yours! Unfortunately the suggestion was misunderstood to
mean "angle". To clarify "degree of separation" can also be read as
"amount of separation". Possible values could include "shallow kerb".

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