[Tagging] waste_disposal, recycling etc.

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 11:41:07 GMT 2012


from discussions on talk-it and talk-de there raised some issues with
recycling and waste. Initial reason was the tagging of collection
points for old pharmacies.

Until recently amenity=waste_disposal was defined as a place "where
canal boaters, caravaners etc. can dispose of rubbish (trash/waste).
Stuff you put in black sacks." (as a side note I am not sure why the
sacks must be black, I guess this is country specific, and you would
also tag places for rubbish that you put in blue sacks the same way).

Some months ago this definition was extended to
"amenity=waste_disposal used with the value waste=trash is also used
to mark collecting point of trash (theses black sacks...) in village /
urban area." (not sure if this means that rural areas outside
settlements are excluded and what would be the reason for this). There
is also mention of amenity=waste_basket (it is not said explicitly but
I guess the difference is the size and usually you are not allowed to
put any trash "in sacks" into the waste baskets).


Further on there is a list of examples for the key "waste" to use in
* trash - (for trash/rubbish)
* excrement - (for excrement evacuation systems for boats)
* oil - (for motoroil, diesel and emulsions)
* chemical toilet - (for chemical toilets)
* grey water - (for soapy water, like from showers and dish washing)

I don't know you, but I would actually put almost nothing of these in
black sacks ;-)

Now compare this to amenity=recycling:

Where the classification goes


My suggestion is to completely rework the waste part in a similar way:
waste:trash=yes/no (unspecific)
waste:drugs=yes/no (for medicines)

not sure for oil, as this appears to be a recycling-value as well
(actually there is recycling:cooking_oil and recycling:engine_oil so
it would be engine_oil for the oil intended currently with waste=oil).
Thing is: if the oil is recycled it would be better tagged with

this would be compatible with the current scheme for waste (as it
doesn't use keys that are already taken) and the transition could be

There could also be an extension to have subtags for the kind of
amenity=waste_disposal like
disposal_type=container/centre/basket (or bin) but I am not sure if
the basket-part is needed or better kept separately.

How would this be tagged then?
(It is a collection point for pharmaceuticals).

Dependent on the answers to the questions above it would be either:
disposal_type=basket (or is bin better? Or is this a "container"?)

or it would be:
amenity=waste_basket (again, this is not really a basket)



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